Monday, November 23, 2009

Birthday Party Kit

This is a kit I made a while ago and did share on my other blog. As I no longer really use that blog I thought it should be shared here so people can snag it :)

To download just click on the images. There are 3 parts to the kit.

I hope you enjoy the kit.



Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~~Free Assorted Colored Lace~~

Here is some lace that I made the other day. There are several different colors included in the zip file that is not in the preview.
Snag Here


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

~~QP-Sweet Gypsy Rose~~

This is my "Sweet Gypsy Rose" that I rescued about a year ago. She's not over friendly but still means a lot to me, just like all my other fur babies! *Smile*

I've been trying to make different pages of all my fur babies so I can have a album of them all from years ago till now.

Anyway......I liked the way this one turned out, so thought I'd share the QP for anyone that would like to use it also.

I wanted to also say that the QP doesn't have the little tag like I used in the example. However, if you would like that tag you can get it in the below link from the blog train.

~~Happy Spring Blog Train~~

Well it's finally here.....our "Happy Spring" Blog Train. A few of us gals on DWR Yahoo List decided to put together this Blog Train. It may not be "big" but there are lots of "goodies" from each of the designers.

I wasn't going to join this Blog Train at first, but once we decided on the colors to use....well I just couldn't help myself and joined in the fun. *smile* I just love the colors (bright colors and pastel colors) so I ended up making way more things then I should have. Needless to say, I'll be posting some add-ons in the next few be sure to come back and snag if you like. *smile*

Below is the list of all the different stops to grab your goodies. As always, please be sure to leave a kind word or two to each of the designers.....they all worked hard on their gifts to each of you.
Ooooops.....silly me, I almost forgot that my links will be below as well! I broke these down into several zip files because there are still people out there that are on dial up and it's such a drag to not be able to download things because the files are to large. Or worse yet, to not be able to download at all. Hope this helps those of you out there with dial up.

Here are my gifts to you:
Cute Snails
Journaling Tags
Ladybug Pins

Now......hop the train to the next stop.......
Bateau-Maison Creations
Digi Cyber Scraps
LD's This 'n That
My Digital Diversion
Starfire Designs
VanJo Designs

Friday, February 6, 2009

The next part of the Valentines Kit

This is the next section of my Valentines 2009 kit. There are 5 word arts each done in 6 different colours, so there is lots of choice :)

To download the word art click on the preview below.

Also still available to download is the Heart Charms (To download these click HERE)



Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A freebie from Emma's Creations

This is the first part of my new Valentines kit. I will be posting more throughout the month. To download click the image above.

There are a few more freebies on my own blog which can be found here



Saturday, December 13, 2008

~~All About Fall Kit - Day 6~~

Well.....we have finally gotten to "Day 6" of this kit. I'm working on a QP for everyone as well. I haven't been able to really get on here to much and do much of anything, so I hope I'll have this QP done at least by tomorrow...if not, then the next day. Keep an eye out for it to show up real soon.

You may snag today's "Freebie"
HERE These are the "Bows" that go with this kit. I love bows and think every kit should have some! *Smile*

Enjoy and thanks for coming by!